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The Maids Quarters

Sissy maid missy; reporting.

          I began my new life as a live-in sissy maid to a lovely Southern Lady on June 1st. So far; my two weeks have been more surprising to me, than anything else.

With a sissy defined; as a male who like to do things customarily related to females, like cooking and cleaning and caring for another. Sissy does not mean one who wishes to be a slut to other men. Such would be referred to as a sissy slut, not necessarily a sissy maid, with which I identify.

With Submissive or supplicant defined as; one who is ready or inclined to yield authority or will to another or others and or one who is very obedient or passive. In my case; I have decided to yield to Lady M’s will.

However, we do have a three-page written agreement outlining what events and behaviors we agree to confine our unusual relationship.

Overall; my main duties so far have been about 90% housework. I have always kept a clean home, however what has surprised me is now I enjoy keeping it clean for Lady M as well. I have found such more pleasing to me, then when I only cleaned for myself.

The second major change is my appearance. At home I was mostly wearing short skirts, five-inch-high heels, and a top, and I was very happy dressing in that simple manner. Accordingly, as Lady M began to change me, I was somewhat resistant and we discussed it a couple of times, as I feared being changed.

My concern has led me to my second surprise. While I did not like any of Lady M’s new clothing decisions; I also felt if we were going to find happiness in our relationship, I should yield to her will and see how I felt afterwards, instead of pre-judging, even though I was convinced I would not like her changes of me.

So, now; instead of my simple clothing, I am wearing a corset which is squeezing me all day long, along with fishnet stockings, a shrug top to cover my shoulders, false breasts, wrist and ankle cuffs, panties, along with the five-inch-high heels, and a short skirt. Lady M even made me wear the outfit with a tutu in place of the short skirt. I thought I looked very silly.

As I noted I prejudged I would not like any of those changes. However, two things happened which changed my mind. The first thing was when Lady M saw me dressed as such for the first time. Her giant smile and greatly enthusiastic response was so overwhelmingly positive, I was automatically very satisfied to make her so happy. The fact Lady M was so pleased with my new look changed my mind about everything, instantly. I was very surprised her happiness overcame all my reservations. Thereafter, I was happy dressing her way as much, if not more, than my old way.

However, perhaps my biggest surprise was when Lady M gave me a collar to wear. It was like a wide dog collar with chrome studs. I thought it was ridiculous. I went to discuss it with her, as I did not want to wear it. I asked her what the point was to the collar. She had such a great smile, as she told me; “it means I own you”! For some unexplained reason to me; that pleased me, it please me to make her happy, and I was happy to wear her collar.

Otherwise; when I lived alone, I only needed to concern myself with me and I was happy that way. I liked living alone and did not think it would change. However, when the opportunity, purely by luck, came along; I decided to take the position and see if my fantasy life was better or worse or the same as my alone life. How else would I ever know for sure?

So, during my first two weeks I have been surprised, once again, how much and how often I think about Lady M; happy to clean after her, do her laundry, help her as she requires. Always thinking about what else I could do to please her.

While it is in our agreement, I have not been required to perform any personal duties for Lady M yet. I assume those days will come, as I look forward to pleasing her in such ways. The more I do for her; the happier we both seem.

I have not been punished for anything yet; I am very obedient, and I am not looking to be punished for anything. Being punished means two things; one, it hurts a lot and I am not one to wish for pain. Two; it means I disappointed Lady M, which would bother me, as my goal is to please her. However, she is preparing a list of rules for me to follow. I am somewhat concerned about what they may be, as disobeying a rule is how I would get into the most trouble and I would be more inclined to break a rule I did not want to follow.

Overall; there are two things that motivate a sissy maid like me, and they are the desire to please and the fear of being punished. The desire to please part is simple; they are things I simply enjoy doing to please her. The fear of the punishment part is to make me behave, or to follow some rules; I would rather not.

I will keep you updated as time ticks on.

Sissy maid missy